Parabolic Solar Concentrator
This Parabolic Solar Concentrator is designed to be a practical testing facility for reflectors and absorbers. It is composed of three divisions that would test and compare the efficiency for various types of reflectors and/or absorbers.

The Parabolic Solar Concentrator implemented was used to test and compare glass-glass vacuum tube absorbers and copper pipe absorbers, in addition to polished aluminum reflectors and mirror strip reflectors. The tracking system of this testing apparatus was designed and developed at Notre Dame University labs in Lebanon. This unit is currently being used as a testing apparatus for laboratory experiments. The design received the first price at the LIRA conference in 2005.

Technical Specifications:

Width2.2 meters
Min/Max Ground Clearance20cm/60cm

MaterialGlass-glass Vacuum Tube
Number of Tubes3
Tubes Dimension47 x 1500 mm
Absorbent Surface3 x 0.007 sqm
Tube’s Fluid Capacity1.2 Liters

TypeParabolic Troughs
Concentration Ratio13.07
Location of Focal Line15.3 cm
Dimensions66.7 x 140 cm
Solar Parabolic Concentrator

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