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Benefits of Clean Energy

Utilizing Renewable Energy (RE) has both environmental and economic benefits. Energy sourced from RE does not produce Greenhouse Gas emissions, hence reducing the byproducts of fossil fuel burning. RE power systems also diversify energy supply and reduces dependence on conventional power sources. In addition, it creates economic development and generates jobs in manufacturing, installation, design, maintenance, management, and many other fields.

On the other hand, RE helps generate free power in areas of electricity blackouts and reduces electricity bills significantly.

Yearly Reduction in Household Electricity Bill0%

Carbon Footprint Reduction0%

Energy Needs Covered by RE in Lebanon0%

Awards and Achievements

Three Star Rating

from LCEC

(Highest in SWH category)


Innovation Award

(1st Place) for our

Pergola Solar System

GMB Logo

1st Prize ($30,000)

– MIT –

Grow My Business Award



Global Innovation

through Science and Technology

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